Webwellness Life Expert Profi device

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A device for testing and correcting natural biosystems. No special training required.

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Life Expert Profi
A device for testing and correcting natural biosystems.

Simplicity, convenience and early detection of your immune imbalance. Has established itself in a large number of countries. Used both among experts and at home. No special training required. Saves and monitors changes in your body. Indispensable for early detection of toxin pathogens.

According to statistics, every fourth person on Earth is a carrier of one or another parasite. Many parasites are well studied and well amenable to destruction, but there are also types of unicellular and multicellular organisms that very quickly acquire resistance and can cause relapses of various conditions.

Within a minute, the device will measure vital signs for 47 organs and systems and send them to a powerful server. The server compares the data with more than a million different indicators and sends back the result. Based on the results obtained, you will receive reports in the form of colorful illustrations. Also make up a complex that you can use in the Life Balance device without being distracted from your business, simply by putting it on the table or in your pocket.

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Warranty: 1 year.
Manufacturer: Business Process Technologies, St. 4 Chinqing Bao`an District Shenzhen, China.
Certificate of European Directives: registered No. 47EMC12001
Distributor: Joy of Life OÜ, www.joyoflife.ee

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