What a dream?


Now we have got to the greatest secret. The secrets of a dream, to which none of the people could answer in the slightest degree. I'll try to give a technical definition of sleep. Sleep is a daily induction cleansing of the closed flow of the inner choir procession by means of the twelve outer dipoles located in each other.

It is impossible, as you understand, without disabling the flow of external information. True, sometimes very important information comes from space during sleep.

In order for it, that is, cleaning, to become possible, the switchman is given the command: Stop the flow of cars (thoughts and feelings) into the ring. Okay, the switchman says and lets the cars go past the ring directly from the entrance to the exit. And the cars inside the ring continue to rotate in a circle past twelve checkpoints. But we know that dipoles are inductors. So, figuratively speaking, the cars, moving around the ring all night long, are washed by the induction of twelve dipoles.

The man got up in the morning and felt good in his soul. By the way, the word translates well from Ant, or Proto Russian, if you want the language only: harmony within. Chora is harmony, osho is inside. You probably already understood that there can be no question of any departure of the soul from the body during sleep. She doesn't fly anywhere. If you wake up very hard and sleep badly and have terrible dreams, then there are too many other people's cars on your railway ring, and your dipole processors are in poor condition.