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A great product with modern healing properties that meet modern requirements.

16,50 €

The resulting product effectively restores calcium levels in the body and is the first product in the world.

33,00 €

Improves brain function, blood circulation in the brain and spinal cord. Helps the body stay young.

22,00 €

Xiuchinfu capsules are designed to dissolve blood clots and clear waste from blood vessels.

66,00 €

Regulate the balance of yin and yang, anti-tumor agents, and enhance immunity.

33,00 €

A healing effect is achieved - good health, getting rid of diseases, improving the quality of life, and longevity.

44,00 €

The product does not contain chemicals or hormones. Natural product with a regenerating effect.

44,00 €

Rose oligosaccharides heal the body. Stimulate the growth of beneficial microflora.

16,50 €

Cosmetic rejuvenating agent that evens out skin tone, making it healthier, cleaner and more elastic.

110,00 € 55,00 €

Sanitary napkins treat hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence, cystitis, and many other diseases.

24,20 €

Say goodbye to bad breath, mouth ulcers, periodontitis, red and swollen gums or bleeding gums.

16,50 €

Naturally rejuvenates and smoothes the skin, stimulates the immune system, gives vitality.

13,30 €

Restores the beauty and health of hair, prevents dryness and brittleness. Cleans the scalp.

19,80 €

Gently cleanses the skin, effectively eliminates unpleasant odors, nourishes and replenishes.




19,80 €

It is enough to apply the balm to the problem area and you will get a wonderful effect!

55,00 €

Relieves tension in the neck and shoulder area, maintains the natural position of the head & neck.

200,00 €