Fohow Meigui fruit paste Rose

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Rose oligosaccharides heal the body. Stimulate the growth of beneficial microflora.

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Fohow Meigui fruit paste Rose

Rose oligosaccharides are new medicinal sugars.The taste is pleasant, the efficiency is remarkable. Used for healing, but can also be used for food instead of sugar. Can be used regularly. It is an affordable and indispensable food for children and the elderly.

Product ingredients: fructooligosaccharides, xylooligosaccharides, stachyose. Rose petals water extract.

Product advantages:
Stimulates the growth of beneficial microflora in the intestines;
Use for dysbiosis;
Slows down aging of the body;
Regulates the secretion of gastric juice;
Stimulates the digestion process;
To lose weight instead of sugar;
Has a cosmetic effect, including dissolves age spots, makes the skin prickly;
Cleanses the intestines, removes toxins;
Helps with diarrhea and constipation, against allergies;
Use in case of bad breath and perspiration;
Suitable for everyone from birth to death.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Do not use the supplement as a substitute for a varied diet.
Keep the product out of the reach of children.

Recommended daily intake: 2-3 teaspoons per day.

Directions for use: Stir in tea or spread on bread.

Storage: keep the package tightly closed in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Net weight: 120g.
Expiration date: see the package.
Manufacturer: Fohow Health Products co. Ltd., China.
Distributor: Fohow Eesti OÜ, Rävala pst 6, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia.

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