Fohow Liuwei Cha tea for the health

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A great product with modern healing properties that meet modern requirements.

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Fohow Liuwei Cha Tea

Taste and Smell: Fohow Liuwei Cha has a mild taste and aromatic smell.

An excellent product with modern healing properties that meet modern requirements. Regular consumption of tea has a beneficial effect on the esophagus, invigorates the blood, eliminates dams, reduces fever, has an anti-toxic effect, is a good cosmetic and diuretic, lowers blood pressure and blood fat, and restores vital energy. Prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, helps to deliver food to the stomach, prevents the accumulation of fat and cellulite.

The product does not contain hormones and harmful chemicals, does not cause toxic and side effects in humans;
Eliminates dams, removes toxins, diuretics;
Protects against cellulite;
Has a beneficial effect on the esophagus;
Stabilizes kidney function;
Protects against cardiovascular disease;
Reduces blood fats, invigorates and cools the blood;
Slows down the multiplication of cancer cells, absorbs tumors, prevents cancer;
Antipyretic effect;
Strengthens internally and externally;
Suppresses pain;
Improves vision;
Restores vitality.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Do not use the supplement as a substitute for a varied diet.
Keep the product out of the reach of children.

Ingredients: Puer tea (Camellia sinensis from 3 years and older), Chinese cordiseps (Cordyseps sinensis).

Directions for use: put 1 bag in a cap with hot water (water temperature approx. 85 ° C) for a minute.

Storage: keep the package tightly closed in a cool dry place; avoid direct sunlight.

Packaging: 25 sachets x 2 g.
Net weight: 50 g.
Best before: look at the packaging.
Manufacturer: Fohow Health Products co. Ltd., China.
Distributor: Fohow Eesti OÜ, Rävala pst 6, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia.

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