Six danger signs due to lack of collagen


Do you have wrinkles, stretch marks, unsightly pigmented lesions, brittle nails, or brittle, fine hair? If you answer YES to any of these questions, you may not be happy with the result. It is very likely that you are also starting to suffer from a collagen deficiency. Collagen is a protein that belongs to your body.

Let's start from the theoretical side.

Considering that cosmetic companies are constantly evaluating it as a new botox, perhaps someone might think that collagen is something that does not belong to our body for our body. Quite the opposite. Collagen is not only a genuine part of our body, it is even the most basic building material in our body! Did you know that this important protein forms not only the connective tissues of the musculoskeletal system, but also the structure of our bones and joints, and even up to 70% of the proteins of our skin?

It is important not only for the skin, but also for our entire body.

And this is not all that he is capable of. Since our body can fully replenish it, collagen acts as an internal health potion. It also nourishes, regenerates and nourishes all tissues, hair and nails. Simply put, collagen is the engine of our body, which keeps our skin and hair completely young, natural and elastic. However, this is applicable only if it is enough for us. Many of us already know that the collagen content in our body decreases significantly with age. And after the 40th year, the body practically does not synthesize collagen "by itself". Some of us may experience this collagen emergency earlier, some later. Does your body miss collagen? Check yourself!

1. Is your skin dry, dehydrated and wrinkled?
2. Do you suffer from loose skin or unsightly stretch marks?
3. Is your hair brittle and matted? Are you suffering from increased hair loss?
4. Do you have brittle nails?
5. Do you suffer from pigmented lesions?
6. Are you over 35 years old? If you answered yes to two or more questions, you may be suffering from a collagen deficiency.

This is not unusual, quite the opposite. Lack of collagen is simply a consequence of the natural aging process, and this applies to all of us who are well over 25 years old. Equally unpleasant, a lack of collagen can also cause the first wrinkles to appear. The skin lacks collagen reserves, they suddenly become very dry, the nails break, the hair slowly becomes thinner and loses its shine.

Collagen can be replenished regularly, and skin aging can be significantly slowed down, fine wrinkles can be smoothed, or the quality and growth of hair and nails can be improved. And not only this. However, if collagen is to work the way it should (and where it is needed most), it is important to supply our body with it in the correct, biologically active (Swedish Nutra) form that is natural to our bodies.

Hurray, friends!