Webwellness Life Balance 2.1 device

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Prevent flu and colds, treat herpes, get rid of parasites, and is suitable for children and animals.

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Webwellness Life Balance 2.1 device

How to protect yourself from attacks by bacteria and other organisms? Is it really just medicine? There is a choice! A healthy body will become a habitual norm with the help of bioresonance technology. In everyday life, Life Balance successfully recognizes and neutralizes 60,000 frequencies of pathogens. Use and ensure your health always, in any conditions!

Life balance is a multifunctional device based on bioresonance technology. A simple gadget provides an immunostimulating and antiviral effect, is used to prevent flu and colds, treat herpes, get rid of parasites, and is suitable for children and animals. Prevention: about 21 days annually, each of us, according to statistics, has a cold. That is, on average, over a lifetime (78.5 years), we spend more than 4.5 years on colds! But now it's easy to be healthy with the Life Balance device.

Device functions:

  • protection against harmful microorganisms, destroying them by supporting natural immunity and direct exposure to electromagnetic waves that have a destructive effect on pathogens;
  • choosing from 600 programs or composing a personal program using more than 5000 programs from the software base;
  • using the WebWellness program to automatically receive a daily personal set. Compact Life Balance is your way to forget about diseases, cleanse the body of toxins and a reliable shield from pathogenic microflora and other parasites.

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Warranty: 1 year.
Manufacturer: Business Process Technologies, St. 4 Chinqing Bao`an District Shenzhen, China.
Certificate of European Directives: registered No. 47EMC12001
Distributor: Joy of Life OÜ,

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