Webwellness Life Animal device

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The device allows for bioresonance therapy and treats pets with electromagnets.

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Webwellness Life Animal device

The device allows for bioresonance therapy and treats pets with electromagnets with amplitude modulation fields (from 0.1 to 10000 Hz), with a high frequency setting accuracy. When treating pets, the frequencies of Voll, Schmidt, Rife are used. This type of therapy is combined with any other types of treatment, such as pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc. The fight against parasitic infection is also relevant in veterinary medicine. Today, a very effective method of active bioresonance therapy, based on the use of electrical impulse and electromagnetic effects on parasites, has been added to the fairly well-known and standard methods.

To suppress the activity of microorganisms, viruses or other parasitic agents, it is not at all necessary to introduce antibiotics into the body, i.e. use far from harmless to pets methods of pharmacotherapy. Even the very possibility of “persuading” a pet to swallow a pill is problematic. There is a proven method of bioresonance. Knowing the frequencies of the metabolic activity of certain pathogens, one can influence them with frequency fluctuations that will disrupt their vital rhythms and thereby suppress their activity.

As shown by relevant studies, such effects are harmless to the host organism. And they guarantee complete release from any parasites, microorganisms and worms. In a healthy and young body, complete synchronization of various oscillatory (wave) processes is always maintained and constantly maintained, with the help of which the body maintains a state of balance, balance and health. With the development of any pathological, pathogenic and especially parasitic processes, an imbalance and violation of the harmony of frequency-wave homeostasis occurs.

Even new, vicious, pathogenic vibrations and resonances that support the disease and prevent recovery develop. The program of self-healing and self-healing given by nature gets confused. The task of the Life Animal bioresonance therapy device is to gradually restore the correct and healthy energy potential of organs and systems, and to make a kind of reconfiguration, reinstallation of unhealthy rhythms and frequencies, to a healthy, in a resonant sense, range.

Characteristics: economic efficiency of bioresonance technology.

  • Increasing the safety of young animals, protection of chickens or other animals from harmful gastrointestinal microflora, especially in the first days of life. Bioinformation technology offers the use of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum corresponding to effective veterinary drugs.
  • For use in poultry houses for the purpose of bioresonance effect on poultry by removing the spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies of biologically active substances and transferring them to a liquid carrier through the water being drunk.
  • Bioresonance prophylaxis of intestinal diseases.
  • Prevention of stress in animals
  • Treatment of helminthic invasions.

4 levels of radiation depending on the size of the animal.

  • animal weight from 1> 10kg - 1st level
  • animal weight from 10> 25kg - 2nd level
  • weight of an animal from 26> 40kg - 3rd level
  • animal weight over 40kg - 4th level.

Effective in the treatment of large-breed animals.

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Warranty: 1 year.
Manufacturer: Business Process Technologies, Suite 25 St Vincent Street Edinburgh, Scotland Uk.
Certificate of European Directives: registered No. 47EMC12001

Distributor: Joy of Life OÜ, www.joyoflife.ee

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