Webwellness Life Air device

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Strengthens the body's protective function against harmful bacteria, viruses, allergens.

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Webwellness Life Air device
Air ionization

Provides air disinfection. Life Air anionic air sterilizer purifies up to 99.9% of viruses, harmful bacteria and impurities in the air.Air purifier will provide you with an easy way to remove formaldehyde, smoke, odors, dust, pollen and other harmful substances, so you can enjoy fresh air even on the road. Air ionization in your apartment, car, studio, office, etc. The portable air purifier is equipped with indicator lights that inform you about the quality of the air and its purification.

Life Air has a wide range of activities:

  • Improves the quality of sleep. Sleep becomes deeper, healthier, and the body fully recovers its strength.
  • Improves gas exchange in the lungs, enhancing the work of erythrocytes.
  • Strengthens the body's protective function against harmful bacteria, viruses, allergens.
  • Immunity is strengthened. Increases efficiency and attention.
  • Stabilization of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.
  • Improves metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the healing of wounds, burns and abrasions.
  • Saturation of the body with ionized air prolongs the beauty and youth of the skin.
  • Increase of the protective functions of the body.
  • Cleansing the body from toxins and harmful substances.
  • Normalization of metabolic processes.

Airflow levels.

Night mode (silent). Provides a comfortable environment for restful and deep sleep due to the minimized noise level. At the same time, it works in an economical mode of consumption of the battery capacity.

Carries out cleaning with a volume of 10 m3 / hour.

PM2.5 air monitoring (automatically scans and neutralizes the smallest air pollutants that can settle in the lungs).

Possibility of air aromatization. The package includes a separate flavor cassette that fits under the filter. allows you to saturate the air with a pleasant floral scent.

The device performs cleaning in 4 stages - the first 3 pass through the filter. Stage 4 of cleaning takes place due to the effect of autohesion (adhesion of the smallest particles of pollutants in the air).

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Warranty: 1 year.
Device/package weight: 335/320 g.
Manufacturer: Business Process Technologies, St. 4 Chinqing Bao`an District Shenzhen, China.
Distributor: Joy of Life OÜ, www.joyoflife.ee

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