Detox foot patches during sleep

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Rejuvenating effect, recovery of the whole body's energy system. For those who value health!

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Detox foot patches

The patches are developed based on knowledge gained from ancient Chinese reflexology and Japanese detoxification. Effects of application: rejuvenating effect, the whole body is filled with energy.

Ingredients: wood vinegar 20%, bamboo vinegar 25%, Brazilian agaric extract 3%, tourmaline 40%, vitamin C 2%, vegetable fiber 3%, negative ion composition 2%, corn starch 5%.

Mechanism of Action: Chinese reflexology claims that our body is permeated with invisible energy meridians. The impact on these meridians causes the flow of energy through the acupuncture points located on the surface of the body. The impact on the acupuncture points on the body surface activates the movement of energy in the corresponding organs of the body, strengthening them. Herbal and other natural ingredients warm the feet and open up acupuncture points on the surface. Most of the nerves in our body end at the sole of the foot. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Detox pads there. As the leg sweats. However, patches can be used not only on the lower surface of the feet. It can be used on the neck, back, shoulders, joints and muscles. The use of plasters on mucous membranes and open wounds is unacceptable.

How to use: Apply patches before bed. For additional fixation of the patch, it is recommended to put on socks on top. For maximum effect, keep the pad on your skin for at least 8 hours. Before using the pad, cleanse your feet without using creams or lotions that can clog your pores. Soak your feet in warm water to open up your pores. Drink plenty of water. Make sure the pads are snug against your skin. You will see how the pad changes skin color. Its color will become lighter with regular use for 1-2 months.

  • Take one cleansing adhesive patch and one pad.
  • Gently peel off most of the backing paper from the patch, leaving the smaller part in place.
  • Take the pillow, remove it from the package, shake it a little to activate the substances contained there. The pad should be located inactive (with pictures) side to the adhesive side of the patch.
  • Place the pad in the center of the adhesive patch.
  • Remove the rest of the protective paper from the patch and place it on your foot. Press firmly for a full hold and smooth.
  • After waking up, after 8-10 hours, carefully remove the used plaster.
  • Throw away the used patch and thoroughly clean your feet from its remnants.

For external use only;
Do not use on damaged skin;
Do not use if you experience an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the composition;
May stain socks or shoes;
Do not use on children without first consulting a doctor;
In the presence of severe chronic diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Shelf life: see the package.
Storage conditions: Store in a dry, dark, cool and dark place.
Manufacturer: Hebei Houde Hanfang Medical Devices Group Co., Ltd, China.
Importer: Joy of Life OÜ,
Packing: In a box there are 10 plasters, 10 pads and instructions for use.

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