pH level and our health


The pH level of our body's tissues and fluids is extremely important because it affects our health and actually reflects its condition and internal purity. The closer the pH level is between 7.35 and 7.45, the better our health and general condition. By keeping the pH within this range, we significantly increase the body's resistance to diseases such as colds and flu, as well as preventing cancer and other serious diseases. Maintaining the level of acidity in our body in this healthy range also depends on the right lifestyle and changes in our diet that provide us with protection for life.

The level of acidity is similar to the way a thermometer works, as it shows an increase or decrease in acid and alkali in body fluids. Deviations from or above the normal pH range of 7.35 - 7.45 may be a symptom of a potentially serious disease and an early stage of the disease. When the body is unable to effectively neutralize and excrete acids, they accumulate in extracellular fluids and connective tissues, thereby impairing cell integrity and metabolism. Also, if the body is strongly alkaline due to the high amount of biocarbonate in the blood, metabolic alkalosis may occur, with serious consequences. This condition also needs urgent correction. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to control the level of acidity in the body's fluids.