Multi-Strength Trainer



Power complex - SimulatorUniversal sports equipment Joy of Life - Best for Life is a combined multi-strength trainer designed to perform 3 types of exercises: for pull-ups with a narrow parallel and wide grip, for push-ups on the uneven bars and performing exercises on the press, acting on different muscle groups of the body on one simulator. Classes on this trainer contribute to the development of the muscles of the arms, shoulder girdle, back and abs.

The horizontal bar allows you to pull yourself up with different grips, shifting the load on the desired areas of the back muscles. The narrow bar pulls up the muscles closer to the center of your back, while the wide-grip pull-ups are great for building your lats! A sufficient length of each handle will allow any athlete to choose the width of a comfortable grip, regardless of his anthropometric data.

The bars brought forward for a considerable distance do not constrain the athlete in choosing a position for doing push-ups. It will be convenient to do them, both while facing the trainer, and with your back to it.

The backrest and special elbow pads are complemented by two vertical handles for maximum comfort in doing ab exercises. And with the help of urethane-coated pads, you can easily get into a starting position in an emphasis on your elbows without risking injury.

When exercising, the main emphasis is on the load provided by your own weight. This reduces the number of injuries and gives a good effect. Being engaged on this trainer, you can keep the abdominal muscles and upper shoulder girdle in excellent shape. Pull-ups with various grips, push-ups on the uneven bars, knee raises, push-ups in the lying position - all these exercises can be performed on this trainer with a high degree of efficiency and comfort.

Quick and easy to assemble. Made from high quality steel profile. High structural stability. The back and armrests of the bars are made of dense and comfortable material. Comfortable handrails of the horizontal bar and bars are covered with non-slip material - neoprene.

Perfectly fit into the interior of any home due to its small size.