Life – as the ultimate natural phenomenon


Any knowledge is like finding a way out of the labyrinth. It is no coincidence that the word labyrinth comes from the ancient Greek word "labrys", which means "double". Indeed, being in the center of the labyrinth, from the very beginning and always we are faced with a double choice of where to go: to the left, or to the right?

And if the very first choice was made incorrectly, then all the other throwing around the maze no longer make any sense. The only way left is to go back and finally make the right choice.

Humanity has long been at a spiritual dead end, but modern philosophical disputes are like the dispute of people completely lost in a labyrinth. The philosophers have stopped and argue loudly with each other. But to call yourself a philosopher means to call yourself a guide in the labyrinth of knowledge. Who are these guides who do not know the way themselves !?

Some of them argue that there is no dead end, and there never was, but they somehow do not really believe, looking at what is happening and was happening in the world. Others say they have to go back. But where to go back? The road back is unknown. Still others shout that we must go forward, that only they know the right path. But they are told: "But weren't you, with your blind confidence, and led us to a dead end!" And this dispute will never end.

The same is happening in the modern sciences that study life. They went very far in different directions, moving along the tree of life in search of truth. But, the further scientists move, the more confusion on their faces. The maze becomes endless. At some point, due to the colossal number of special terms in each specialization, scientists simply stopped understanding each other.

If we talk about psychology, then here too there are already an insane number of approaches to the same insoluble problems. There are many approaches, but little benefit. Humanity remains mentally and mentally ill, and, moreover, dangerously ill. And there is no need to talk about physical illnesses that bring people enormous suffering.

What surprised me the most before (now it doesn’t surprise me anymore) is that not a single scientist studying life has yet come up with a seemingly simple thought: Since we are studying Life, as a kind of phenomenon, let's not scatter through its endless manifestations and variations, and try to deduce it, that is, Life, as phenomena, the main signs, weeding out the secondary ones.

Indeed, in fact, the situation here resembles the plot of Krylov's famous fable: Scientists walk around the museum, studying various insects, but they do not notice the elephant in the center of the hall. This elephant is Life itself as the greatest natural phenomenon. And Life as such should have several basic characteristics common to any living being. And it is desirable that these signs are physical, then it will be possible to combine physics and philosophy into a single whole.

This is what I decided to do, since it never occurred to anyone in our time. As a result of many years of reflection and classification, filtering out secondary signs and foundations, I came to the conclusion that Life as a natural phenomenon has only four physical signs and at the same time basic constants, without which it is impossible. All other signs are secondary.

Further movement of thought in this direction led to the creation of a whole science. In the following articles, the main emphasis will be on the presentation of the main ideas of this science, rather than on proof. The evidence is brief. Otherwise, just one proof of a postulate could itself take up an entire book, although I can certainly prove any postulate. And now I will not now prove that Life has four signs and argue with imaginary opponents. I'm just sorry for the time and effort. You are not proving to anyone that twice two is four. Let's go straight to the study of the four signs and foundations of Life as the greatest natural phenomenon.