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Quality of Swedish Nutra products


Swedish Nutra is obsessed with quality. All products are manufactured, packaged and tested in Sweden in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring quality assurance that all manufactured products are continuously produced and inspected in accordance with EU quality standards.

Sweden Nutra has been approved by the Swedish Board of Health (Livsmedelsverket).



Sweden Nutra produces the highest quality liquid food supplements.

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WebWellness system video


Preparation, testing and interpretation of measurements on the Life Expert Profi device. The WebWellness program consists of two devices Life Expert and Life Balance, which work in combination and allow you to monitor the state of your body every day: perform express scanning in the morning and evening and immediately compose an individual complex that protects you from viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites , to harmonize and restore immunity. These devices are as easy to use as possible, do not require additional training, are intended for use at home and are absolutely safe.

You will learn more about technologies on the official website - I give you temporary access to the site for a week. Within a week you have the opportunity to contact me, get advice or purchase a clinic on the website and use it.

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Schaeffer Nutraceuticals


You probably know about the importance of vitamins and minerals for your body.

But you don't know how much of each type of vitamins and minerals is enough?

Joy of Life - Best for Life will answer this question for you. The Viproactive® Complex contains exactly what your body needs.

Swedish Nutra


Swedish Nutra evidence based results

Swedish Nutra chosen the best overall collagen the market has to offer. All ingredients are hand-picked and in line with EU standards, guaranteeing a potent/rich evidence-based formula/mix/product. Swedish Nutra’s Collagen Powder contains hydrolyzed collagen type I - which gives skin its firmness and collagen type III - which gives tissues its elasticity and hydration.

Based on work from leading researchers and universities, studies have shown that regularly ingesting hydrolyzed collagen I and III can support:

● Healthier skin
● Combat the effects of aging
● Protect against harmful effects of UV exposure
● Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
● Increase skin hydration and smoothness
● Skin elasticity
● Bones
● Cartilage
● Cells
● Muscle function

Nutrition and supplements are always all about quality, especially when it comes to collagen. Swedish Nutra is obsessed with quality and uses only top-rated hydrolyzed collagen. All products are manufactured, packed and tested in Sweden according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) , providing quality assurance in order to ensure that all manufactured products are consistently produced and controlled according to EU quality standards. Swedish Nutra is approved by the Swedish Health Authority (Livsmedelsverket).

Hyaluronic acid


The use of hyaluronic acid is becoming popular in cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery, as well as in ophthalmology and surgery. But many do not know what its important functions are and what it is for.

From this article, you will learn everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid: the benefits and harms for the body, how to increase the content, how to use it correctly to get a faster and better effect?

After confirming the beneficial properties, which will be described below, scientists began to look for various ways to extract or synthesize it. Initially, it had only animal origin, but after a while a small number of synthesis methods were found that are associated with bacteria that produce hyaluronic acid under certain environmental conditions.

Hyaluronic acid is synthesized in every cell of our body, but connective tissue cells are more abundant. The synthesis of substances cannot continue indefinitely, and, unfortunately, with age, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid slows down. When its reserves are depleted, the skin begins to dehydrate and age. In addition, ultraviolet (sun) rays affect the decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid production, as well as the rate of its depletion. Therefore, during a long stay under the scorching sun, you should not neglect sunscreens.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is an organic polysaccharide that performs a building function for the skin and is also part of the intercellular substance of connective and nervous tissue. The main factor for which hyaluronic acid is needed by the body is the ability to retain water in cells. One molecule is able to retain 1000 times its weight in moisture, protecting connective tissue cells from dehydration.

Hyaluronic acid was discovered in 1934 by the German biochemist Karl Meyer in the vitreous humor of a bull's eye. Since that time, all kinds of studies have begun on the effect of hyaluronic acid on the human body.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid for the body?

The role of hyaluronic acid in the body is directly related to the preservation of moisture and the protection of the intercellular substance from dehydration. First of all, this has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, as the aging process slows down. That is why women all over the world are so fond of hyaluronic acid: it rejuvenates, gives the skin elasticity, restores the natural complexion.

Equally important is the benefits of hyaluronic acid for joints. With age or due to certain diseases or injuries, the connective tissue of the joints loses moisture, after which painful sensations begin in them. For example, in osteoarthritis, when severe knee pain occurs, hyaluronic acid injections are one of the most effective ways to protect the joints. The procedure is performed once a week for 2–5 weeks, after which the knee pain disappears from several weeks to several months.

How hyaluronic acid affects the body:

• regulates water balance in connective tissues;

• gives the skin elasticity, firmness, softness;

• participates in the production of collagen, which is also necessary for aging skin;

• promotes rapid regeneration of damaged body cells;

• when applied externally, forms a special film that is capable of capturing moisture from the air;

• promotes anti-inflammatory processes in the body.

How to boost hyaluronic acid in the body?

People whose body no longer has enough of its own production of hyaluronic acid can get this substance from the outside. There are several ways to do this:

• injection (local injection of a substance using a syringe with a needle);

• non-injection (use of creams and lotions containing hyaluronic acid);

• oral (taking dietary supplements).

Injections are the traditional method, but they have serious drawbacks. Carrying out injections at home is dangerous to health - it is better to contact a specialist. In this case, painful sensations from the injections will be in any case.

It is also quite common to apply creams to problem areas of the skin, but this is the least effective method. Its disadvantage is a weak and short-lived effect.

Now the most popular method is using dietary supplements. The benefits of taking hyaluronic acid internally are almost the same as those of injections, and cannot be compared with the effect of creams and other methods of external application. At the same time, dietary supplements are much safer than injections, and their intake does not cause any painful or even unpleasant sensations. The dosage of drugs, the time of administration and the duration of the course can be found in the instructions for use, which is compiled by the manufacturer based on numerous studies.


The effect of hyaluronic acid on the human body lies in its ability to protect the skin and joints from dehydration. But the benefits and harms of hyaluronic acid depend on the ability to use it. The most dangerous method is injection, and the most convenient is oral. At the same time, the benefits of hyaluronic acid in liquid food supplements are practically not inferior to the injection method of application.

New medicines of the old tradition


Joy of Life started collaborating with the Chinese group FOHOW. Translated into Russian as "PHOENIX". The company received worldwide recognition in connection with the 2008 Olympic Games. Chinese athletes have used Fohow 100% natural products and healing belts to increase muscle tone and increase resistance. The results were great. 53 gold for the Chinese !!! Limited Liability Company.

FOHOW Technology Investment Group is an international corporation created by Ju Fei and its affiliates and registered in Hong Kong. FOHOW specializes in the research, production and promotion of health products in all regions of the world based on natural food products as well as the knowledge and experience of traditional Chinese medicine and culture.

FOHOW Corporation has been growing and developing for over ten years. The corporation currently owns about twenty companies in cities such as Becking, Tianjin and Guangdong, including a research institute and three medical factories. Using a unique and original theory based on traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology, as well as a traditional health culture based on three health promotion methods, and guided by three main principles in product development, FOHOW's batch production is three-pronged: "Purification", " Regulation "," Recovery "- and these are about twenty very effective products for health. For example: Fohou Elixir, Three Treasures Elixir, Santin Elixir, Haitsao Gai (Sea Calcium), Lingzhi Capsules, Xueqingfu Capsules, Rose Fruit Paste, Liuwei Healing Tea, and so on.

Promoting culture, happiness, health and well-being for all people in the world is the credo that Mr. Yu Fei and his business partners have chosen. This is FOHOW's creed and career opportunities. Following this credo, we are becoming stronger and more stable. That's why they appeal to people: FOHOW Corporation will last for a very long time! Like its FOHOW symbol - HAPPY BIRD, FOHOW Corporation has been growing and developing for over 500 years!

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The revolution in nutritional supplements market


40 years of scientific research created an encoded and “intelligent” protein.

Prof. Günter Blobel discovered that protein molecules are provided with internal signals and impulses that allow the transfer of the proteins inside the membrane and the endoplasmic reticulum.

He explained the molecular mechanisms that manage the journey of the proteins across the various organelles.

Prof. Blobel described that the amino acids in a protein operate as an “address label” or “postcode”, which define where the protein has to be delivered and localised inside the cell.

Vitaprotein® is the common ingredient of nutrient supplements Schaeffer Nutraceuticals® of new generation with unparalleled ability to transport in a targeted and fast way the specific substances in our body promoting an optimal absorption.

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Schaeffer Nutraceuticals

Kedromin video


Handmade. An indispensable source of vitamins. Antioxidant. Immunomodulator. Relieves intoxication. Cleanses the body. Rejuvenates, heals, anesthetizes. Hypoallergenic. Not addictive.



Young shoots of cedar and fir are unique gifts of the Siberian forest!

Young needles of both cedar and fir are rich in resins and phytoncides that fight various kinds of infection. Highly concentrated aqueous coniferous extract contains a large amount of live vitamin C in an easily digestible form, as well as other vitamins (B, K, E), phytosterols, flavonoids, amino acids, macro- and microelements (iron, sodium, potassium, copper, calcium, selenium, barium, silver, zinc, nickel, bromine).

Coniferous extract will provide powerful support for the immune system, protect against bacterial and viral infections. Adults will appreciate, and children will undoubtedly love this delicious, healthy and 100% natural product!

This valuable product, obtained by gentle steam extraction from young shoots of Siberian cedar and fir, contains a large amount of biologically active substances that are essential for human health. It is an excellent adaptogenic, immunomodulatory agent, especially in complex therapy for acute respiratory viral infections, ENT, bronchopulmonary and cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure, angina pectoris, vegetative-vascular dystonia).

When taken orally, the extract helps to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, relieves intoxication in case of poisoning, improves the condition of the intestinal microflora, as well as the function of the liver and pancreas. Cleans the blood and lymph, lowers blood sugar, and accelerates metabolism. It helps to recover faster from the transferred infectious and viral diseases, and also it is easier to transfer any illness.

When the extract is used externally (for baths, compresses, mouth rinses), phytoncidal substances will help relieve inflammatory reactions of the skin and mucous membranes.

Baths are recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, decreased muscle tone, myopathies, arthritis, osteochondrosis, as well as for various skin problems, especially with pustular acne and furunculosis.

Sitting baths are indicated for gynecological inflammation, paraproctitis, hemorrhoids, prolapse of the uterus, rectum.

Oral rinses are indicated for periodontal disease, bleeding gums, loose teeth, stomatitis. With angina, tonsillitis, a diluted extract should be gargled with a throat.

Application of the bath extract: add 50-100 ml of the extract to the bath (200 l of water). Take a bath for 20-25 minutes. The course is 12-15 baths daily. As a prophylactic measure, it is recommended to take a pine bath once a week.

For sitz baths, the dilution proportions of the extract decrease in proportion to the volume of water: 3-4 ml of extract should be taken for 5-7 liters of water.

Rinse the throat and mouth: 1 teaspoon of the extract in half a glass (100 ml) of warm water. Coniferous extract is recommended not only for sick, but also for healthy people as an excellent multivitamin remedy, to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body and prevent the development of many diseases. Fir and cedar do not possess allergenic, carcinogenic and embryotoxic properties. The extract can be used for small children, during pregnancy and lactation.

Siberian coffee is a Friend of the Family!

Kuus ohumärki kollageeni puudumise tõttu


Kas teil on kortsud, venitusarmid, inetud pigmendikahjustused, rabedad küüned või rabedad, õhukesed juuksed? Kui vastate neist küsimustest kasvõi ainult ühele JAH, siis on võimalik, et te pole tulemusega rahul. On ülimalt tõenäoline, et teil on kollageeni puudus.

Kollageen, see on valk, mis kuulub teie kehale…

Alustame teoreetilisest küljest. Võib täheldada, et kosmeetikaettevõtted hindavad seda kui uut botoksit, ja seepärast võivad mõned mõelda, et kollageen on meie organismi jaoks midagi võõrast. Vastupidi. Kollageen mitte ainult ei ole meie keha orgaaniline osa, vaid isegi selle peamine ehitusmaterjal! Kas te teate, et see tähtis valk moodustab mitte ainult meie tugi- ja liikumisaparaadi sidekoe, vaid ka meie luude ja liigeste struktuuri ning isegi 70% meie naha valkudest?

See on tähtis mitte ainult nahale, vaid ka kogu meie kehale.

Aga see ei ole veel kaugeltki kõik, milleks kollageen võimeline on. Kuna meie organism suudab kollageeni ise sünteesida, siis mõjub kollageen sisemise terviseallikana. See toidab, regenereerib ja varustab toitainetega kõiki kudesid, juukseid ja küüsi. Lihtsamalt öeldes on kollageen meie keha mootor, mis tagab meie nahale ja juustele nooruse, loomulikkuse ja elastsuse. Kuid see kehtib ainult siis, kui kollageeni on piisavalt palju. Paljud meist teavad seda, et vanusega väheneb kollageeni hulk meie organismis oluliselt. Pärast 40. eluaastat organism praktiliselt ei sünteesi enam kollageeni „iseenesest”. Osadel meist võib selline „erakorraline olukord kollageeniga” tekkida varem, osadel hiljem.

Kas teie keha tunneb kollegeeni järele igatsust? Kontrollige ennast!

1. Kas teie nahk on kuiv, veetustunud, sellel on kalduvus kortsude tekkimiseks?

2. Kas teil on lõtvunud nahk või inetud venitusarmid?

3. Kas teie juuksed on rabedad ja sassis? Kas teil on suurenenud juuste väljalangemine?

4. Kas teil on rabedad küüned?

5. Kas teil on pigmendikahjustused?

6. Kas te olete üle 35-aastane?

Kui vastasite kahele või enamale küsimusele positiivselt, siis võib teil olla kollageeni puudus. Selles pole midagi ebaharilikku, pigem vastupidi. Kollageeni puudus on lihtsalt vananemisprotsessi loomulik tagajärg, ja see puudutab kõiki, kes on vanemad kui 25 eluaastat. Vähem meeldiv on see asjaolu, et kollageeni puudus võib põhjustada esimeste kortsude tekkimise. Nahas puuduvad kollageenivarud, see muutub ootamatult kuivaks, küüned murduvad, juuksed muutuvad aja jooksul õhukeseks ja kaotavad läike…

Kollageenivarusid saab regulaarselt täiendada ning naha vananemist saab märgatavalt aeglustada, samuti saab siluda väikeseid kortse või parandada juuste ning küünte kvaliteeti ja kasvu. Ja mitte ainult seda. Kuid selleks, et kollageen saaks toimida nii nagu vaja (ja kohtades, kus see on kõige vajalikum), tuleb anda seda organismile õiges, bioaktiivses vormis (Swedish Nutra), mis on meie organism jaoks loomulik.

Hurraa, sõbrad!

Mis asi on uni


Vaat nüüd jõudsime me suurima saladuseni. Une saladused, mille avastamiseni ei ole tänaseni mitte ükski inimene jõudnud ega mingilgi määral mõistlikku vastust andnud. Püüan anda une tehnilise definitsiooni. Uni – see on ajukoore sisemiste protsesside suletud infovoo igapäevane induktsioonpuhastus kaheteistkümne üksteise peal asuva välise dipooli vahendusel.

Nagu te mõistate, on uni võimatu, kui väljastpoolt saabuvat infovoogu ei peatata. Tõsi küll, mõnikord saabub väga olulist informatsiooni kosmosest ka une ajal.

Selleks, et puhastamine oleks võimalik, antakse rööpaseadjale käsk: peatada vagunite (mõtete ja tunnete) juurdevool ringteele. Olgu, ütleb rööpaseadja ja laseb vagunid ringteest mööda juhtides otse sissesõiduteelt väljasõiduteele. Aga ringteel olevad vagunid jätkavad liikumist mööda ringi kaheteistkümnest kontrollpunktist möödudes. Kuid me teame, et dipoolid – on induktorid. Niisiis, kujundlikult väljendades, on ringteel kogu öö liikuvad vagunid kaheteistkümne dipooli elektriväljas.

Tõuseb inimene hommikul ja hingel on hea olla. Muuseas, sõna „horošo” tähendab tõlkes anti või vanavene keelest: sisemine harmoonia. „Hora” – harmoonia, „ošo” – sisemine. Arvatavasti saite juba aru, et mingisugusest hinge kehast lahkumisest magamise ajal ei saa juttugi olla. Mitte kusagile ta ei lenda. Kui teil on väga raske unest ärgata ja magate halvasti ja näete hirmsaid unenägusid, siis tähendab see seda, et teie ringraudteel on liiga palju võõraid vaguneid ja teie dipoolprotsessorid on halvas seisukorras.


What is pH?


Happe ja leelise vahekorda ükskõik millises lahuses nimetatakse happe-leelise tasakaaluks. Happe-leelise tasakaalu iseloomustab spetsiaalne näitaja pH (power Hidrogen - "vesiniku jõud"), mis näitab vesiniku aatomite arvu antud lahuses. Inimese organismil on kindel happe-leelise vahekord, mida iseloomustab pH (vesiniku) näitaja. pH näitaja suurus sõltub vahekorrast positiivselt laetud ioonide (kujundavad happelise keskkonna) ja negatiivselt laetud ioonide vahel (kujundavad leeliselise keskkonna).

Organism püüab pidevalt seda vahekorda tasakaalustada, hoides rangelt kindlat pH taset.

Rikutud pH tasakaalu tõttu võib tekkida palju tõsiseid haigusi.

Kui pH tase on täpselt 7,0, siis räägitakse neutraalsest keskkonnast. Mida madalam on pH tase, seda happelisem on keskkond (6,9 kuni 0). Leeliselisel keskkonnal on kõrge pH tase (7,1 kuni 14,0).

Happeline keskkond

Leeliseline keskkond

рН on 0 kuni 6,9

рН on 7,1 kuni 14,0

Inimese keha koosneb 70% ulatuses veest, seepärast on vesi üks selle kõige olulisemaid koostisosasid.

Kontrollige oma happe-leelise tasakaalu pH testribade abil.

Indikaatorina toimiv lakmuspaber tagab ükskõik millise vedeliku (joogivee, jookide), sealhulgas kehavedelike (sülje, uriini, sperma, tupe keskkonna happelisus jne) pH taseme kiire ja säästliku mõõtmisviisi.

Lakmuspaber – seda ei kasutata mitte ainult keemialaborites, see on vajalik igas perekonnas.

Lakmus – see on värvaine, mida saadakse mõnedest samblike liikidest. Selle koostises leidub aineid, millel on võime muuta oma värvust hapete ja leeliste olemasolu korral. Neid aineid nimetatakse indikaatoriteks ja neid kasutatakse keskkonna reaktsioonilisuse kindlaksmääramisel. Keskkond võib olla neutraalne, happeline ja leeliseline.

Väga tähtis on pöörata tähelepanu organismi sisekeskkonna pH taseme muutumisele ja rakendada vajadusel edasilükkamatuid meetmeid. pH testribade abil saab oma pH taset kodust väljumata lihtsalt, kiiresti ja täpselt kindlaks määrata.

  • Kui uriini pH tase kõigub hommikuti vahemikus 6,0 - 6,4 ja on õhtul vahemikus 6,4 - 7,0, siis funktsioneerib teie organism normaalselt.   
  • Kui sülje pH taseme mõõtmisel jääb pH taseme näit kogu päeva jooksul vahemikku 6,4 - 6,8, siis näitab see samuti, et teie organism on terve.   
  • Sülje ja uriini kõige optimaalsem pH tase on kergelt happeline ja jääb vahemikku 6,4 - 6,5.

Parim aeg pH taseme kindlaksmääramiseks on – 1 tund enne sööki või 2 tundi pärast sööki. Kontrollige oma pH taset kaks korda nädalas 2-3 korda päevas. Oma pH taseme mitteteadmine võib lõppeda kurbade tagajärgedega.

Suurenenud happelisus organismis.

Suuremal osal inimestest avaldub pH taseme tasakaalustamatus suurenenud happelisuse kujul (atsidoosi seisund).

Sellises seisundis omastab organism halvasti selliseid mineraale nagu kaltsium, naatrium, kaalium ja magneesium, mis viiakse tänu suurenenud happelisusele organimist välja. Mineraalide vaeguse tõttu kannatab eluliselt tähtsate elundite talitlus. Õigeaegselt avastamata atsidoos kahjustab organismi märkamatult, kuid pidevalt mitmete kuude ja isegi aastate jooksul. 

Alkoholi kuritarvitamine on sageli atsidoosi tekkimise põhjuseks. Atsidoos võib tekkida ka diabeedi tüsistusena.

Atsidoosi korral võivad tekkida järgmised probleemid:

  • Südame-veresoonkonnasüsteemi haigused, kaasa arvatud püsiv spasm veresoontes ja hapniku kontsentratsiooni vähenemine veres.
  • Kehakaalu suurenemine ja diabeet.
  • Neeru- ja kusepõie haigused, kivide teke.
  • Immuunsuse nõrgenemine.
  • Vähi tekkimist soodustavate vabade radikaalide kahjuliku toime suurenemine.
  • Luude hõrenemine, mis võib lõppeda reieluukaela murruga, samuti teiste tugi-liikumisaparaadi häirete, nagu näiteks osteofüütide (luuogade) teke.
  • Piimhappe kogunemisega seotud liigesevalude tekkimine ja valuaistingute avaldumine lihastes.  
  • Üldine nõrkus.

Suurenenud leelisesisaldus organismis.

Suurenenud leelisesisaldust organismis nimetatakse alkaloosiks, mille esinemise korral on mineraalide omastamine samuti häiritud. Toidu omastamine toimub tunduvalt aeglasemalt, mis võimaldab toksiinidel seedetraktist verre tungida.  

Suurenenud leelisesisaldus organismis on ohtlik ja korrigeerimisele raskesti alluv. Reeglina tekib selline olukord leelist sisaldavate ravimite tarvitamise tagajärjel.

Suurenenud leelisesisalduse korral võivad tekkida:

  • Probleemid naha ja maksaga.
  • Tugev ning ebameeldiv lõhn suust ja kehast.
  • Parasiitide elutegevuse aktiviseerumine.
  • Mitmesuguseid allergiailminguid, sealhulgas selliseid, mis on seotud toidu ja keskkonna saastumisega.
  • Krooniliste haiguste ägenemine.
  • Kõhukinnisus ja muud soolestikuga seotud probleemid.

Uriini pH tähtsus.

Uriini pH taseme testide tulemused näitavad kuivõrd hästi omastab organism selliseid mineraale nagu kaltsium, naatrium, kaalium ja magneesium. Neid mineraale nimetatakse "happelisteks summutiteks", kuna need reguleerivad happelisuse taset organismis. Kui happelisus on liiga kõrge, siis organism ei tooda hapet, vaid peab seda neutraliseerima. Selleks hakkab organism võtma mineraale erinevatest organitest, luudest ja mujalt, et neutraliseerida happe ülejäägid, mis hakkavad kudedesse kogunema. 

Sellisel viisil toimub happelisuse taseme reguleerimine.

Sülje pH tähtsus.

Samuti on mõistlik teada oma sülje pH taset. Testimistulemused näitavad seedetrakti fermentide aktiivsust, eriti maksa ja mao oma. See näitaja annab ettekujutuse nii kogu organismi kui ka selle üksikute süsteemide talitluse kohta.  Osadel inimestel võib olla nii uriini kui ka sülje pH tase kõrgendatud – sellisel juhul on tegemist "topelthappelisusega". 

Teie tervise huvides on hoida õiget pH tasakaalu.

Isegi „kõige õigem” raviprogramm ei hakka efektiivselt toimima, kui teie pH tasakaal on rikutud.

Life – as the ultimate natural phenomenon


Any knowledge is like finding a way out of the labyrinth. It is no coincidence that the word labyrinth comes from the ancient Greek word "labrys", which means "double". Indeed, being in the center of the labyrinth, from the very beginning and always we are faced with a double choice of where to go: to the left, or to the right?

And if the very first choice was made incorrectly, then all the other throwing around the maze no longer make any sense. The only way left is to go back and finally make the right choice.

Humanity has long been at a spiritual dead end, but modern philosophical disputes are like the dispute of people completely lost in a labyrinth. The philosophers have stopped and argue loudly with each other. But to call yourself a philosopher means to call yourself a guide in the labyrinth of knowledge. Who are these guides who do not know the way themselves !?

Some of them argue that there is no dead end, and there never was, but they somehow do not really believe, looking at what is happening and was happening in the world. Others say they have to go back. But where to go back? The road back is unknown. Still others shout that we must go forward, that only they know the right path. But they are told: "But weren't you, with your blind confidence, and led us to a dead end!" And this dispute will never end.

The same is happening in the modern sciences that study life. They went very far in different directions, moving along the tree of life in search of truth. But, the further scientists move, the more confusion on their faces. The maze becomes endless. At some point, due to the colossal number of special terms in each specialization, scientists simply stopped understanding each other.

If we talk about psychology, then here too there are already an insane number of approaches to the same insoluble problems. There are many approaches, but little benefit. Humanity remains mentally and mentally ill, and, moreover, dangerously ill. And there is no need to talk about physical illnesses that bring people enormous suffering.

What surprised me the most before (now it doesn’t surprise me anymore) is that not a single scientist studying life has yet come up with a seemingly simple thought: Since we are studying Life, as a kind of phenomenon, let's not scatter through its endless manifestations and variations, and try to deduce it, that is, Life, as phenomena, the main signs, weeding out the secondary ones.

Indeed, in fact, the situation here resembles the plot of Krylov's famous fable: Scientists walk around the museum, studying various insects, but they do not notice the elephant in the center of the hall. This elephant is Life itself as the greatest natural phenomenon. And Life as such should have several basic characteristics common to any living being. And it is desirable that these signs are physical, then it will be possible to combine physics and philosophy into a single whole.

This is what I decided to do, since it never occurred to anyone in our time. As a result of many years of reflection and classification, filtering out secondary signs and foundations, I came to the conclusion that Life as a natural phenomenon has only four physical signs and at the same time basic constants, without which it is impossible. All other signs are secondary.

Further movement of thought in this direction led to the creation of a whole science. In the following articles, the main emphasis will be on the presentation of the main ideas of this science, rather than on proof. The evidence is brief. Otherwise, just one proof of a postulate could itself take up an entire book, although I can certainly prove any postulate. And now I will not now prove that Life has four signs and argue with imaginary opponents. I'm just sorry for the time and effort. You are not proving to anyone that twice two is four. Let's go straight to the study of the four signs and foundations of Life as the greatest natural phenomenon.


pH level and our health


The pH level of our body's tissues and fluids is extremely important because it affects our health and actually reflects its condition and internal purity. The closer the pH level is between 7.35 and 7.45, the better our health and general condition. By keeping the pH within this range, we significantly increase the body's resistance to diseases such as colds and flu, as well as preventing cancer and other serious diseases. Maintaining the level of acidity in our body in this healthy range also depends on the right lifestyle and changes in our diet that provide us with protection for life.

The level of acidity is similar to the way a thermometer works, as it shows an increase or decrease in acid and alkali in body fluids. Deviations from or above the normal pH range of 7.35 - 7.45 may be a symptom of a potentially serious disease and an early stage of the disease. When the body is unable to effectively neutralize and excrete acids, they accumulate in extracellular fluids and connective tissues, thereby impairing cell integrity and metabolism. Also, if the body is strongly alkaline due to the high amount of biocarbonate in the blood, metabolic alkalosis may occur, with serious consequences. This condition also needs urgent correction. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to control the level of acidity in the body's fluids.