What does bioresonance affect in the body?

Bioresonance diagnostics and therapy are considered one of the youngest areas in medicine.

Bioresonance therapy - treatment at the electromagnetic level. Every cell in our body is a miniature generator of electromagnetic waves. It is like the soul of a person. Any movement, any function is associated with the movement of ions across the cell membrane. As a result, a potential difference arises - phase and antiphase. Without the energy of an electric current, nothing happens.

Now let's imagine a situation when one of the cells, for example, of the intestine, secretes a molecule of a digestive enzyme, and at this time an electromagnetic field arises. Can this molecule be formed without energy? Can energy arise in a cell when it does not produce such molecules? No. These are two sides of the same process. Acting on one thing, we act on another.

Innovative devices for bioresonance diagnostics and therapy.

The devices make it easy to test the body and select the appropriate treatment program. Regular use of bioresonance therapy devices corrects the functioning of organs and helps to cope with a number of chronic diseases. The device emits a certain frequency and enters into resonance with a bacterium, virus or fungus. And this frequency accumulating inside the parasite can break it.

That unique system will allow you to get:

✔️ Express testing of all 47 organs of your body;
✔️ Electropuncture diagnostics;
✔️ Compose and record car complexes in Life Balance;
✔️ Vegetative resonance test.

And also to select vitamins and dietary supplements, make recommendations on products based on the test results.

   One philosophy, many solutions.

My specialization is HTA (Human Thought Algorithm) as a universal philosophical principle. This is work with human consciousness, or psychosomatics. A psychosomatic disorder is a health disorder in which a disorder of the mental or central nervous systems causes a disorder in the body. By putting all this knowledge together, you will achieve the best result for your health.

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