Colloidal Silver - Argentum200

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Wide range of application. Helps fight herpes and pimples. Helps alleviate bug bites.

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Colloidal Silver
Tin 500 ml.

Argentum200 premium quality colloidal silver is made using only pure demineralized water.  Argentum200 is a superb product for daily skin care. Does not irritate the skin. Safe for use on sensitive skin.


  • Wide range of application;
  • Helps fight herpes and pimples;
  • Alleviates skin irritation;
  • Regulates excessive perspiration and sebum secretion;
  • Helps alleviate bug bites.


Apply a small amount on a cheesecloth or cotton pad.
Gently wipe the skin on the face and under the eyes.
For best results, use morning and night.
Do not use if pregnant or if you are allergic to silver.


Store in a dry and cool place.
Keep away from direct sunlight.
Do not freeze. Keep away from electromagnetic radiation sources.

Composition: Water, colloidal silver

Best before: see package.

Distributor: Joy of Life OÜ.

Made in: Poland.


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