Fohow Boss tea elite variety

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Helps to speed up metabolic processes, normalize blood pressure, and remove toxins from the body.

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Fohow Boss white tea based tea

White tea is a world famous elite variety of Chinese tea. It is harvested by hand, removing only the upper tender buds and young leaves from the bushes. After brewing, the tea acquires a golden-green color, has a light taste and a pleasant aroma.

Unlike black and green tea, which have been drunk in China for thousands of years, white tea was considered especially expensive and therefore initially only available to the emperor and his family. White tea is called in China the "elixir of immortality" for its ability to quickly heal wounds and restore strength.

The natural components of Fohow Boss tea give it a unique effect: it speeds up metabolic processes, stabilizes blood pressure, and activates the elimination of toxins from the body.

Thanks to its unique composition, Boss tea helps to speed up metabolic processes, normalize blood pressure, and remove toxins from the body.

Product Features:

  • ideal combination of valuable components;
  • natural tea "Boss" Fohow with bright aroma and pleasant aftertaste;
  • health product for daily use;
  • convenient filter bags in individual packaging;
  • rich composition of active ingredients for repeated brewing.

The action of the Boss tea components:

White tea is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, P, it contains flavonoids, polyphenols, essential oils. During the production process, white tea undergoes the least oxidation process, it is the most expensive variety.

  • relieves fatigue and soothes;
  • reduces high blood pressure;
  • with constant use tea "Boss" Fohow normalizes metabolism and weight;
  • promotes detoxification of the body;
  • cleanses the blood of harmful fats;
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • effectively regulates the liver and improves digestion;
  • useful for frequent drinking, smoking, as well as abundant content of fatty foods in the daily diet.

Application: infuse 1 tea bag in 200-300 ml. water at a temperature of 90 degrees for three minutes. Fohow "Boss" tea can be brewed repeatedly.

Please note: people with low blood sugar are advised not to drink on an empty stomach.

Storage method: Store sealed in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.

Net weight: 60 grams (20 bags of 3 grams).
Best before: 24 months.
Manufacturer: Fohow Health Products co. Ltd., China.
Distributor: Fohow Eesti OÜ, Rävala pst 6, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia.

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