Folk Healer

One philosophy, many solutions

Any knowledge is similar to search of an exit from a labyrinth. Not casually the word a labyrinth has come from the Ancient Greek word "labris" that "double" means. And it is valid, being in the center of a labyrinth, we from the very beginning and always are before the double choice where to go: on the left, or to the right?

The Healer is the person allocated with unique knowledge and abilities and able to put them into practice that is the person the way out able to find of a labyrinth of any life situation. Whether it be disease, relations, money, business, work, etc.

My technique is unique knowledge and technologies since those old times when the right of Love was the main law - it is times of bridge priests. MOS is motherhood in a basis. Unique knowledge and tekhnlogiya of our ancient Gods and Ancestors at your disposal.

My specialization is a work with consciousness of the person.

Vladimir Gantsovski
Folk Healer